【Burly Men at Sea: 三人の海の男】トロフィー取得メモ







Ye've Done It
"This day,you reach the end of a story,"she continues,"and the last of its paths."


Great Barnacled One
It's dark inside the whale,but the men appear to be intact.

Wooden Trousers
"Aye,they'll float," nods Steady Beard.

Fountain of the Faithless
"Give me water,and I'll teach it to carry me!"

The Path of Waiting
"Time flows quickly in contemplation of the Great One's splendor."

The Long Way
"Really very sorry for scuttling your promotion and all that." offers Steady Beard.

Complimentary Trip to the Afterlife
"Shouldn't you a bit more chipper, having won and all?" prods Steady Beard.

A Bargain to Make
"Right, then. Let's be off!" commands Brave Beard, striking a leaderly pose.

Vengeance Satisfied
The creature drags the struggling men deeper beneath the waves, finally tossing them aside in disgust.

"Quick, while we've a chance!" whispers Hasty Beard, leading the way to the boat.

"Great idea!" cuts in Steady Beard. "How about a demonstration?"

Getting Your Beards Wet
The orbs lead on, out through the cavern's deep tunnels and beyond the island.

The Back Door
Following the glow of moonlight, the men step out eagerly into the night.

Into the Deepening Darkness
The men paddle furiously, but the widening vortex is inescapable.

Out oh the Deepening Darkness
Collapsing, the maelstrom tosses the men i their barrels toward the surface.

The men push off, paddling the raft beyond the island and into the night.

Thus is Thy Fate Sealed
With a rumble, the island sinks slowly into the sea, carrying all hands with it.

Nice Day
Surfacing, they find themselves men once more, who, for the moment, splash about like happy children under the moonlit sky,

In Need of Assistance
Heedless of the warning, the burly seals spread out as they swim, until the spell around them weakens and they become human once more.

Poor Beastie
With a piercing screech, the creature disappears back into the depths.

Foiled by the Tree
The jaws snap shut over the shattered thee, launching the men out into the deepening darkness.

She's a Goner
Clinging to wooden barrels, they watch their beloved ship sink into the depths.

Womenfolk in the Water
Finding the dark water empty, the men quickly regret their course of action.

Well Met...
"Er,hullo," stammers Brave Beard.

...Bearded Travelers
The absurdity of underwater speech only adds to the wonder apparent on his face.